September 29th, 2005


nota bene

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god damn!

Suffice it to say, I've learned some sad news from Jim Hill's website: Jerry Juhl, brilliant writer and one of the creative souls behind the Muppets, passed away this Monday. Juhl's wife told Jim and other writers not to be maudlin but instead silly, so I was writing all one of my favorite jokes of his (tho Jack Burns may have had a hand in it): the running gag in the original Muppet Movie script about Henry Kissinger's quest in an "ill-fitting sheriff's outfit" to get a part in Kermit's movie. We know it's impossible," the screenplay advises with that delightful Muppet optimism, "but we'll get him anyway." Sadly, Kermit keeps advising Henry that they tried and they tried, but they couldn't find a part for our favorite Teutonic Machivellian. "I paid for the sheriff suit myself," Kissinger grouses in one scene, before finding a happy ending as the fifth head on Mount Rushmore. This only partly explains the KISSINGERPHONE at the end of a certain CAT TOWN episode, but anyway.

Now it's your turn. Juhl wrote, or helped write, so many Muppet ventures, from Sam & Friends in Baltimore to their first longer television specials such as Hey Cinderella! to Sesame Street and Muppet Show pieces to most every single Muppet movie out there (with the exception of The Muppets Take Manhattan, apparently.) Surely there's a joke of his in there somewhere that you remember and love -- and hopefully can identify as his.