September 22nd, 2005



I've got good news and gooder news.

The good news is that Martha is set to leave Angell tonight. She's having the ultrasound done as we speak, and then she'll be ready for release with medicine and nutrition. She'll have to be syringe-fed until she regains her appetite, and she'll be monitored closely to make sure that it really is the anxiety that caused her to stop eating. Dr. Marchand, the day doc at Angell who's handling Martha's case, is worried that the fatty liver is secondary to something larger and more menacing. That's what the ultrasound is looking for. As long as we can rule out cancer or another liver disease, we're going to be fine. Rehab will take a bit but Martha's a good cat and she actually takes injections rather well.

Now here's the gooder news. I got the final estimate from Dr. Marchand on the phone, and I checked the Martha Fund. My eyes bugged out. I don't believe what I saw. I had to recheck. Then I had to pinch myself a few times, because I had no one else to pinch.

You guys, you wonderful, crazy people, you whom I am so proud to call friends, you've paid Martha's vet bills. There's even an amount left over.

Do you hear that sound? That's my flabber being gasted. RIGHT THIS INSTANT! MY FLABBER WILL NO LONGER BE UNGAST BECAUSE OF YOU. And I can't believe it. Thank you. I really can't say thank you enough right now. I could put a zillion thank-yous under an LJ-cut if you wanted, but after looking at them enough the word would just turn weird to the eyes.

Here, then, is what I am going to do. Being a pirate, Martha knows how important it is to split up the booty, and she'd want to be a good captain and make sure a right good crew gets its share. So after all the bills have been paid off, including medication and any follow-up visits, I am going to donate the remainder of the Martha Fund to Kitty Angels, a no-kill cat shelter located in Tyngsboro. They take in all cats, even ferals and semi-feral strays, they have adoption programs set up for barn cats and shy cats, and my coworker Justin has performed in several benefits for them. He says they're a good cause, and I agree. Their pages of kitty alumni will make you smile.

You'll pardon me if I don't say much more right now. I am just amazed that in a scant 24 hours, you have banded together and helped me and a wonderful cat out of a bleak situation. It boggles the mind and I cannot say thank you enough. Line forms to the right for hugs and high-fives, okay?

Martha's next update will be from home. And it's, as they say, a good thing.
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Oops, I lied about the next update being from home.

Just talked to Day Doc. The ultrasound shows Martha has pancreatitis, and will need to stay in the hospital at least one more night. But treatment is pretty much the same: antibiotics, fluids, making sure she's getting nutrition. Dr. Marchand said that Martha's actually eating on her own volition now which is really good.

So things are still okay. She just gets one more night at Club Med.