September 21st, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug

marf update

Martha is at the vet's early; they let Jude bring her in nearly immediately when I called.

Kitty has inflamed liver and is jaundiced. Not good.

More updates soon. My phone is buzzing so I'm about to call back.

UPDATE: Martha has a fatty liver. She probably hasn't been eating for two weeks, though I've seen her regularly go in and out of the kitty corner (so I never noticed anything was amiss, goddammit.) Dr. Ruth at Porter Square theorizes the stress of moving did it to her, and since she didn't eat, her fat reserves went to her liver. Now the liver won't process the toxins as it should. So not only do we have a cat who doesn't want to eat, but a jaundiced kitty as well and when you're covered in black fur, it's kinda hard to see the yellowed skin.

Dr. Ruth does say this is reversible if care is pursued aggressively. This means that Martha needs to go to a 24-hour care facility. She needs a 24-hour IV drip. She needs a feeding tube installed, bloodwork done, and probably some abdominal peering and prodding as well. She needs to stay for several days at minimum.

Martha needs to go to Angell.

Angell is not cheap.

Tom Lehrer is Smug

The Martha Fund

Thank you, everybody. Seriously. It is good to read your comments and your good thoughts and vibes, and once my ride gets here, we'll be taking Martha over to Angell for admittance and the preliminary Ugly Stuff.

Marf got a fluid injection at Porter Square this afternoon, and Jude reports that she was up and about for a while after returning home. Jude placed her on my bed upstairs and she hopped down and strolled downstairs and hopped back up on her favorite chair, being a creature of habit and all. She's alert though mellow, and I even saw her kick up and sharpen her claws a bit. There's a dance in the old dame yet (toujours gai, toujours gai.)

A lot of people are asking where the Paypal at. Goodness. Thank you. I've set up a Martha Fund, for those who wish to give a little something to the cat. I feel rather presumptuous describing her treatment before Angell sorts it all out for me, but judging from the accounts I've read of cats with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis, the initial IV plus the tube feeding is pretty much the norm. So here are the money buttons; I added a page to my Amazon account too for those who like using that over PayPal. Just remember, no matter which you use, write a note if you want a piratey note in return.

The Martha Fund

Martha the Cat is a mighty pirate facing a terrible battle against Feline Hepatic Lipidosis, or Fatty Liver Disease. She will be undergoing aggressive treatment, which includes 24-hour care, IV drip, vet pokings & proddings, and a feeding tube for several weeks until her appetite comes back. Sadly, the cost of this will be more than just a handful of doubloons. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated by Martha, me, and Admiral Abbie.

(Abbie says "whats Paypal, there hshould be TunaPAl")

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And thank you all again. I'm humbled, yet heartened, to know that I have such wonderful, supportive friends. I can't speak for Martha, but I know she'll be grateful to feel better when she recovers.
Tom Lehrer is Smug

The Good, The Bad, and The Weird

The good: Martha is resting at Angell right now. audioboy and bex77 drove us over, and we had delightful restaurant conversation along the way. Martha will be in for up to four days for observation, x-rays, ultrasounds, and a sample of her liver cells will be taken too. Dr. Riley, the overnight vet, said that it's likely that Martha has the fatty liver problem, it's common when cats don't eat, but it's always because of something else. We discussed the stress brought on by the moves, and Dr. Riley noticed a heart murmur too ("on a scale from 1 to 6, this is a 3") and said it's probably due to the illness as well. She wants to rule out cancer, too, so the tests are all there. I will be able to call them tomorrow after 10:00 AM to hear how Martha did on the overnight. She was very calm at the vet, let her temperature be taken in a V. Sensitive Spot without complaining too much, and almost headbutted me when I said goodbye. She's going to be fine.

The bad: It's gonna cost a lot. Angell pretty much wants all the payment up front when they spring Marf, and we're looking at anywhere between $1200-$2400 depending on whether she stays one day or four. If I can get someone to go in on a payment plan with me (I can't get accepted for these things) then there'll be monthly payments that automatically come out of my bank account, etc. etc. But I'll have to work on that tomorrow.

The weird: Walking back down Hall Ave tonight I found, on the ground, a bundle of lottery tickets wrapped in a rubber band. It's a thick bundle, and I brought it home to look at. The tickets were for Tuesday's Daily Numbers drawing, and they were all for the same number. 3653. Ten of the tickets were $1 bets for All Four Exact, and eighty were 50 cent bets for First Three Exact (365X.) That's fifty dollars' worth of lottery tickets.

"That's so strange," Jude said, looking them over. "Who would buy so many tickets of the same number?" I shook my head.

"I can't think of anyone who would, unless they knew something..." and we rushed upstairs to check the Lottery website.

The number for Tuesday's drawing?

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