August 5th, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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You know, Mumbles Menino may be a bit of a tool in certain areas, but I gotta like the man for fighting to keep the taint of Citizens Bank off the Opera House.

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Finally. The Mayor and I agree on something -- though it is a bit disconcerting to realize he did what he could do to make sure Clear Channel got the venue. And if Clear Channel then wants to team up with him to keep Citizens' name from the marquee (which I saw this evening while walking thru Downtown Crossing... hello, could we please rip off a certain Andrew Lloyd Webber production logo any more?) then ...

Well, hell. I don't know who to root for in that case.

Anyway: Go Mumbles go!

PS: The newly-restored Paramount theatre marquee is FRIGGIN BEAUTIFUL. Oh my I made gleepy sounds seeing it for the first time.
Jesus Onna Segway

Municipal Free Verse

As presented to us through the crazy formatting and stubborn tenacity of Mr. Don Warner Saklad:
Sect. 17F.
As Ammended by St. 1982, Ch. 190, s16

The city council at any time
may request from the mayor
specific information on any municipal matter
within its jurisdiction, and may
request his presence to answer written questions
relating thereto at a meeting to be held not earlier
than one week from the date of the receipt of said questions,
in which case the mayor shall personally,
or through a head of a department or
a member of a board,
atttend such meeting and publicly answer all such questions.

The person so atending shall not be obliged to answer
questions relating to any other matter.

Specific information, as used in this section,
shall include any and all records,
other than those exempt from disclosure under
clause Twenty-six of section seventy-seven of chapter four
of the General Laws,
within the control of any executive department
or agency of the city, including the
Boston water and sewer commission and the
Boston Redevelopment Authority,
whether the information is in printed or electronic form.

For the purposes of enforcing this section,
the city council shall have standing to request a
justice of the superior court department of the trial court
of the commonwealth to
issue appropriate orders to
compel compliance with this section.

The mayor at any time
may attend and address the city council in person or
through the head of department, or
a member of a board,
upon such subject as he may desire.

Condita. A.D. 1630
Sicut patribus sit deus Nobis.
Civitatis regimine donata A.D.1822

City of Boston Printing Section
Allied Printing Trades Council
Boston, Mass
Union Label