July 29th, 2005

Howard Beale

oh what fresh hell is this

Moving this weekend is going to be a stressful ball of heartburn par excellence. For one, I'm occupying Person A's vacated room. No problem, only Person A is unable to move out this weekend, because Person B, whose apartment she's replacing, hasn't moved out yet.

Oh. Uh.

Well, as long as me and los gatos have a place to sleep, and can put the boxes and furniture frames in the basement, everything else will fill in later. Right?

And then there's the second problem. All this time at $NEWJOB, we've been told July 31st is our schedule switchover date. My new schedule is from Tuesday to Saturday, so I've been planning my move around the impromptu three-day weekend.

Only today, at the beginning of our shift, we were informed that we'd be back in the training room for one more week's worth of practice, and this means our schedule's not going to change over this week.

Aw, man.

Black cat, as they say, not happy.

On the plus side, however cryptic, thirty-nine never looked so good.