July 22nd, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug

yer probably not s'posed to get this one

Ah, well. God closes a door, He opens a windo-- hang on. I said, when God closes a door, He opens a win-- what? Oh, heh. Looks like it's stuck in its frame. Ok, so maybe if He jiggles it a bit... no? What about from side to side? Huh. Well, is He sure it's unlatched correctly? Some of those windows have weird latches, you know, and -- it is unlatched? So why isn't it moving? Shouldn't it slide easily in its track? I mean, what if He put all His weight up against it and oh-pens-a-win-dow-OH-PENS-A-WIN-DOW-OPENS-A-WINDOW-DAMMIT!!... complaining now that there's no decent handhold? Yeah, those newer windows can be murder on the fingers, and, uh, maybe if... oh. Okay. Gotcha. Right then.

Sorry about that, all. God's closed the door but He's gonna run down to the store and get some WD-40 for that window. We'll see if that'll help.