July 13th, 2005



It's official. The stupidest name for any event ever, be it musical, sporting, swap meet, or fetish flea market, is Tony Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam. Oh, sure, it's probably pretty cool, and the thirty-second clip continuously played on the monitors at North Station (conveniently located underneath the FleetCenter TD Banknorth Boom Boom HuckGarden) showed a lot of guys taking their bikes and skateboards over a lotta sweet jumps, but my god, the name alone is ... well, maybe there's some cultural reference that I'm missing. I hear one begins to start missing them as one gets older. But still, I don't remember older folks 15 years ago giving the same kinda guff about, say, Lollapalooza.

Just for gits and shiggles, I put Abbie's name in on the event--Abbie the Cat's Boom Boom HuckJam--and it suddenly sounds way too scatalogical for anybody's good. On the other hand, Warren G. Harding's Boom Boom TeapotDomeJam is pretty freakin hilarious.


Holiday World made its big big announcement today. The one involving their $13.5 million expansion project for 2006. That one. The first new Holiday-themed land in 22 years will be: Thanksgiving!

And the centerpiece of Thanksgiving, besides a "turkey-chase-themed dark ride", is a 1.2-mile long wooden roller coaster boasting a 154-foot, 66-degree first drop and about as much airtime as can fit in a cornucopia.

Lemons and germs, the Koch family gives you: The Voyage.

And just so I can get this soon-to-be-overused phrase out of my itchin-for-a-soundbite system, that's something we coaster lovers are gonna really be thankful for.