July 3rd, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug

let's have some fun with our old pal Hindsight

Not sure if you caught this one or not, but here goes:
It's quite easy to see George Lucas is a talented man with a most extraordinary imagination and talent...



There is one main fault in his script and it also happens to be the main fault of the film ... And that is he broke the number one Rule of Thumb in creating Anything. To wit...his works are both, eventually, deathly boring.

Despite the clever gimmicks and bright colors and endless series of meaningful numbers and messages ... the redundancy and boredom which sets in soon numbs any original bright notions he may have created.
Sound even slightly familiar? Think it rings startlingly true today? Well, it's a 1968 assessment by a studio script reader of Lucas' student film, THX-1138 ("The film, at six minutes length, is three minutes too long.")

plus que ca change...