June 13th, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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We have the Innernets again and all the rumors that go on them. That's good.

We still have the flu-like symptoms though, only this time it's progressed from fever delirium to just plain annoying sore throat/lymph nodes and coughing, apprehensive coughing. Where you're afraid to inhale because you know it's going to lead to a cough. And your chest and shoulders ache from coughing and your arms ache just because and your sinuses are piping up going "Hey, don't forget us, we're in pain here too." That's bad.

There's ever so much to do and see these three days of my half vacation. That's good.

I haven't been able to eat much in the way of solid food since Saturday. That's bad.

I mean, I tried to eat a breakfast sandwich from Dunkies yesterday, ended up having a bite of the croissant, and leaving it until it grew cold and icky. Then I heated up some nice beef stew for dinner and had to force myself to remember to take more bites. That's good.

No, that's bad. Damn you for deviating from the alternating good/bad pattern!

At least I had a good night's sleep. That's good.

No, wait, I didn't. That's bad.

I'm not sure what I'm talking about anymore. That's okay.