June 12th, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug

no innernets and no tv make spatch something something

The culprit of the no home Internet access has been identified; an in-house hub ignobly died on Tuesday. I have been told a replacement hub has been procured and will be installed, and that's good. The matter is out of my hands now and all I can do is wait. And grow insane. I have 3 days off before I start the new job, and it'd be nice to actually have some electronic contact with people then. I hope it happens. Last night I really needed to be connected, but wasn't, and I spent a lovely little night in hell.

I went down into Harvard Square yesterday for to enjoy a nice afternoon out; bought a book (CARTER BEATS THE DEVIL which is one socko novel, by the way) and enjoyed dinner at Bertucci's and I left a nice tip because they let me loiter longer than usual, waiting for the right spot in the book to stop reading and go home. Nothing seemed amiss; I had a tickle in the back of my throat which I ascribed to a little dehydration, having walked down the hill to Harvard in the stifling heat, so I made sure to drink plenty of ice water at the restaurant before I started to toddle back up the hill. I felt kinda weak walking up the hill but blamed that on having had a big meal. By the time I made it back up the apartment steps, though, I felt dizzy, weaker than before, and sweating like a whore in church. So I sat down on my bed and brought out CARTER and read a little more, drinking my water and iced tea, and then I dozed off with the deck door open and fan on high.

I woke just before 1 AM entirely too weak to move. My head was pounding tribal rhythms in my ears and my legs aching like nobody's business. Oh yes, I had a fever. Having a fever on the hottest, most humid night so far is no fun. Tho it's easy to help break the fever, as you're sweating already and drinking lots of liquids. The fever broke around 4:30 in the morning, but not before I'd managed to call Beth on my cellphone (on West Coast time, thankfully, and staying up all night playing World of Warcraft) and babbling incomprehensibly, and also, in my fever-induced delirium sparked by feeling entirely too Jim Henson, banging out a Last Will and Testament. I haven't read it over once I regained sanity, but I know I'll be embarrassed by it. I do remember it contained some pretty cracking jokes, though.

At any rate that's where I was last night. Now I'm at $OLDJOB on my last day, dodging responsibility like I cheated death last night. (I did finish CARTER BEATS THE DEVIL and it was really great and I'm going to read it again.) Tonight I don't know where I'll be. I've got big thing of water with me, big thing of Gatorade with me, and a nice pack of DayQuil. I just fear having no contact with the outside world when I go home tonight. Actually what I really want to do is play World of Warcraft until I drop. That tends to take the mind off everything.