May 17th, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug

you ain't gettin my vote

I got into the middle of a political argument today on the T. To my left were oldschool Greenies, all frizzy white haired and professorial. On my other side was a young preppie type holding LaRouche propaganda and taking advantage of a captive audience to tout the "return to FDR Democrats" which, really, is dirty pool. At least do your prosletyzing on the platform so people can choose to walk by you, rather than having to sit there and endure your spiel, whatever it is, while intently studying the ESL ads and pretending to ignore you. So right away I decided to mentally side with the Greenies because at least they weren't out to bother the entire train until the LaRouchie came along.

The argument got ugly when the Greenies accused the LaRouchie of being a scumbag, and being silly for following someone who went to jail for stealing credit card numbers. They mentioned they'd seen Lyndon LaRouche in Madison back in the seventies and they were none too impressed with him and his plans then, to which the LaRouchie rolled his eyes and rhetorically intoned "Ba-by boo-mers! Ba-by boo-mers!" (Again, another mark against the LaRouchie, for publically scorning these people simply for being old while simultaneously upholding and revering a political platform that was effective 70 years ago.) Then he tried the "Ma'am, you're being hysterical now!" in the mocking tone of voice that accompanies youth and invincibility, when in fact the Greenie woman had been completely civil and nice to him, even while informing everybody else on the train that LaRouche steals credit card numbers.

She kept looking over at me, the fellow longhair, to back her up on this one, but honestly I like politics as much as I like a nice long root canal and as far as I was concerned, on this trip I might as well have been leaning back with bite guards in my cheeks and a big plastic bib around my neck while studying the ESL ads. But then the LaRouchie started looking my way for help, too, and that's when I finally and quietly said "Don't look at me, I'm a convicted felon."

And they all moved away from me there on the Group W Red Line bench...