April 11th, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug

spank you for coming to loews

In case it wasn't readily obvious, certain people went to see Sin City again last night. This time charva and I arrived early enough at the theater to be kicked out so the dude could clean the tiny tiny tiny shoebox out (Theater 10 at Loews' Not-So-Fresh Pond gives me Copley Place flashbacks.) This meant we got to watch all the trailers and I was glad to see the enormously amusing Hitchhiker's meta-trailer on the big screen.

We also saw a curious promo involving those crazy bunnies who re-enact movies in 30 seconds -- in this example, the re-enactment of JAWS. Only it didn't show the bunnies. Or mention their URL. It was an ad for MSN's new search engine, and the live-action guy on the beach (who took longer to explain the premise than the bunnies do to re-enact the film) told us to go search for "shark bunnies" at the MSN search site for it.

I wrote the bunnies' creator a note asking if she had been involved in this promotion -- because if so, that's kinda cool, and no exposure is bad exposure, but if they were doing some nutty kinda viral marketing thing without knowledge, well, that's kinda ... skeevy. I do wish that they'd shown the short on the big screen, though, cause that would have kicked ass.

At any rate, Sin City was great the second time around too. And the Unibroue was tasty as hell.

bunny update

j. shiman of the bunnies emailed me back. She said that the bunny promotion is indeed done with her knowledge and permission. Then she said "Cat Town RULES!"

Permit me for a moment to just do a lil Internet Ego Bop.