March 21st, 2005

Ken Nordine

you are where you make of it

Worldstop died this week. Well, it didn't die so much as it burst into flames before plunging off a cliff into a vat of molten lava, riding it along to a humongous lava geyser where it was shot up through the atmosphere into orbit, only to freeze and shatter in the inky vacuum of outer space. Okay, maybe it wasn't so bad as all that, but lordy, it wasn't good. Matt restored all he could, but he couldn't bring /home back from the dead without having to send the hard drive over to Physical Therapy. I think he just might. There was a lot of work lost on that poor pup, including most of my favorite images, music, AbbieMUD (the favorite MUD of two point five people!) and the Signe of the Schwa message board. Oh and I think I'd just had pointed there as well, not that there was any content yet besides some deep-hidden writing. So it goes.

The Sob Sisters show was a lot of fun, as well as you can imagine a show featuring two cellists, several ukuleles, a musical saw, slide whistle and kazoo might go. I was very impressed by Renee's singing, as she sounds very much like a 1930s American folk singer. Well-suited for the songs she got to sing. The last song of the evening was this pretty working of Mister Sandman that became more of a lullabye than the song's ever been before.

The two acts before were rather dandy, one of them featuring a fellow on banjo who'd played at modpixie's benefit a few weeks back, who has a most amazing natural amplifier in his voicebox. Lordy can he project. What he may lack in subtlety he more than makes up for with brute force and, well, you could really harness some power with them pipes. The pianist in the second act had me really excited during the first number, as he wore a severe dark suit and equally severe chapeau and played a Kurt Weill-esque ditty. I was hoping the entire act would be like that, but then he took off his hat and gave in to more modern pieces, the kind of original compositions that are better brooded over in a large, empty, mohogany mansion than played in a cabaret setting. He did finish his set with a nice Depeche Mode cover, and I couldn't fault that.

Afterwards, modpixie and I chatted on the way back to Davis Square. She told me a bit more about her film project, and explained that one of the reasons why she was filming it at the Brooks Estate in Medford was because she's from Medford. After time spent trying to get away from the insider's pain of the hometown stigma, she came back and realized she could do good in helping to showcase and keep alive the good, historical parts of the city, so that people see more in it than just "big hair and Kiss 108." (I realize there was a third thing she mentioned in the laundry list of stereotypes, but I've conveniently forgotten it. Hey, it's 4 AM.)

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