March 1st, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug


After four days and 15 video stills and over 20 entries, the Cat Town Video Guessing Whatever I Called It Contest is over, and the winner by a new-wave hairdo is

with a final score of 11.5!

Once I saw she'd entered I knew she'd place high, what with her being a library chick who has at least one legwarmer firmly back in the 80s and all. So congratulations, you! Now just contact me with your current address and I'll wing the 2 CDs to you in a week or so. Also, let me know whether you or your lovely cat Oscar will be appearing in our glorious Cat Town Retro 80s Flashback Reunion Weekend episode.

There was a three-way tie for second place with 10 points each -- Keith, Keef (heliophage) and Neither-Keith-Nor-Keef (hemlock_martini.) As this is quite impressive and since I'm so glad I didn't have to come up with a tiebreaker for y'all, your runners-up prize is that your parts in the episode of CAT TOWN will be played by the Animal Hat Gang. You may now fight amongst yourselves over which of you gets to be Duckie.

For the sake of convenience (and to spare those who know they didn't do so hot) I'll let the rest of you figure out your own scores if you'd like; remember I scored one full point for getting both artist and song and a half point for getting either the artist or the song. For the statistics geek in all of us, I did calculate how many people got each screencap right and half-right (non-guesses didn't figure into these stats); the percentages have been slightly rounded so that they look nice, of course. See how well you did below!

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And that's the game! Thanks for playing, everybody! Feel free to clutter up my comments with well-deserved bragging, comiserating over the lack of your pop culture-fu, or cursing Sir Elton John's name up one wall or down the other.