February 22nd, 2005


Marathon! SF/30

Every year when I attend the Boston Science-Fiction Marathon (also known as SF/* with * being the year, now called the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, or BSF3 or something) I always experience two distinct moments of clarity and being:

The first one comes around 5 AM when I'm watching whatever it is I'm watching and counting down the minutes until I can run outside and grab a breakfast thingy from whatever nearby restaurant opens at 6 AM. This is when the Marathon experience hits full-on. "So I'm really here, right? Yeah. And I watched SUPERMAN, what, twelve hours ago?! And I'm still here?! Oh, mama. Oh, yes."

The second comes after I blearily stagger on home and sleep fitfully for how many ever hours I need to sleep, and then I wake up and I'm back in my pad and the cats are around and my bed is my bed and I have to ask myself if I really did just go through what I think I went through, and if it felt like time was standing still inside, how come it feels now, even six hours later, it flew by with a flash? OH THOSE WACKY TEMPORAL DISTURBANCES HOW I LOVE YOU SO.

Anyway. This year's marathon was a delightful mix, lots of fun and I greatly enjoyed it from my vantage point on the Somerville Theater balcony. I got there slightly late due to some snafus but lillibet helped me out with my crisis and for that I'm very very grateful. This event has been my winter Brigadoon for ten years now, a magical community that springs up for a weekend once a year, celebrates greatly, and then disappears to wait for the next festival. We participants go because we share a love for science-fiction, and that's for good or bad, and we know that others there will share in our glee when we watch the original subtitled Japanese cut of GODZILLA (so far as we know has not been screened in the US since 1982), who will be there with us at 6 AM when it's time to make fun of a film, and who will be there for comiseration and sarcasm when the film we're watching is so bad we actually stand up and cheer when it melts in the projector. This year's crowd was indeed feisty.

Anyway. Let's talk movies.

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That's all I can write for tonight. I'm sure I'll say "more soon" and forget to write about it when it's fresh, but hey. More soon.