January 19th, 2005


we are indeed going to hell

Mr Spatch: Bernhard Goetz' AOL screenname is BerniePie.
Miss Lynn: REALLY!
Miss Lynn: did you text him?
Mr Spatch: I don't know if I should
Mr Spatch: I mean, how would he take a message of "Hey, you got five bucks?"
Miss Lynn: DO IT!!!!! I DARE YOU
Miss Lynn: he'd give you warning points!!!!
Mr Spatch: then he'd say "You don't look so bad"
Miss Lynn: how did you get his screen name?
Mr Spatch: http://www.bernieformayor.com
Tom Lehrer is Smug

a lil grumbly

Just once I'd like, when the pipes freeze, to have a full load of clean dishes instead of a sink full of dirty ones.

That way I could at least eat my microwavy food-in-can stuff.