January 14th, 2005

Tom Lehrer is Smug

That's good / That's bad

I talked to Christine at the company, and she said they want to hire me back starting Monday. That's good.
But I owe money and I've got maybe half of it but it needs to be paid now. That's bad.
They're offering me more money than I was getting before. That's good.
I won't be able to do theater because of the schedule. That's bad.
I'll also be getting health and dental. That's good.
Which might be nice, because I just woke up and my blood pressure feels like it's going through the freakin roof. That's bad.
But this cup of tea is delicious. That's good.
Too bad all I got left now is caffeinated black tea. That's bad.
Abbie sure looks adorable this morning, curled up on the bed, snoozing happily. That's good.
Of course he is cause he has to rest up from a busy night rifling trashbags. That's bad.
Some joke about frogurt. That's good.