December 18th, 2004

Tom Lehrer is Smug

well this is one wise man who's keeping his froggy hat

In case you hadn't joined the cat_town community yet, I just wanted to point y'all to the second yearly, er, airing of The Cat Town Christmas Special. (9MB MP3, right-click save-as)

The special was made last year when I was housebound on Christmas Eve, or maybe the morning before Christmas Eve, and I was sick, and I was bored, and I was compulsively eating dry pasta like there was no tomorrow (Barilla bowties was my poison of choice, though I had some kind of spirally shape as well, cause I remember sticking them in my mouth to help with the voice of Puppet Cat Linus.) As things were getting late I sought the help of some West Coast friends; Kari Smith phoned in her lines for Blanche all the way across the country in Oregon (and I asked Doug to be the Catnip Bus so he'd have something to do with the microphone, too. Keeps him out of trouble.)

I was originally going to make a Flash animation, but I was getting really tired after mixing most of the audio and so I decided it was time to hit the friendly green bottle of NyQuil doom, so I just made the audio and that was that. The awkward pauses between some of the lines was more of a visual joke, as the early Charlie Brown specials always did seem kinda stilted with the vocal pacing. This was mostly due to the fact that they often had to give the kids their lines chopped up in easy-to-read takes. (The cats in the animation would've spent the awkward pauses just staring back and forth at each other.)

And yeah, I didn't see the "Hey Ya Charlie Brown" animation until a week or so after I made the special, and I thought it was frickin' hilarious that two random Internet people had the same bizarre idea to meld Outkast and Peanuts; the end products were different but pretty good all the same.

And that's the end of my show. Bomp.