December 11th, 2004

Tom Lehrer is Smug


I'm putting together a WoW filter so that any travelogues and such will be seen by only those who give a tinker's damn about such things. If you want in, just let me know.

This morning I ran my paladin around Westfall for fun and excitement. Westfall is a big, open zone, consisting of rolling hills and plains that lead over to some bluffs overlooking the sea. Most people just shoot right through Westfall, as there are a few storyline quests there that are worth doing and involve things like finding an underground pirate ship that looks like a Koopa boat from Super Mario 3 and killing the captain. That's a boatload of fun, if you excuse the phrase.

But that's the "mostly" part. World of Warcraft is odd in that a lot of your player progression is pseudo-linear. Once you've exhausted all the quests in the current area, you'll find someone who asks you to travel to this new and exotic place, which of course will then become your home for the next few levels as you work on all the quests around there. But you're not on rails; there are usually several areas with quests that you can do concurrently. As part of the Alliance races, you can work on the Loch Modan quests and the Westfall quests in your teens, for instance. In your 20s, you go to Redridge and the Wetlands. And you really don't have to do any quests, but you get all the goodies by doing the quests.

Anyway. There was one quest in Westfall, part of a long Paladin storyline arc, that I wanted to go after. But when I traipsed all the way across the zone to find it, turns out the damn thing's bugged and won't work right. I was supposed to defend a homestead against Defias rogues, and the homesteader was there and she gave me the quest, and then she said "OH NOSES HERE THEY COME" and we sat... and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And no rogues came to invade the homestead. I guess they got lost around Sentinel Hill or something. All newbies invariably do.

So after filing a nice bug report about it (and they know about it, I know they know about it, now they know I know they know about it) I decided to wander along the coast and see what I could find. Much to my surprise, there's a lot more in the game than just the quests-on-rails. You are rewarded with experience for exploring, but you are also rewarded with side quests and, in my case, an actual factual treasure hunt. Lots of pictures below the cut, including a picture of the COOLEST SHIELD EVER and a SPECIAL GNOME SURPRISE at the end. You betcha! (The story does spoil a certain treasure hunt quest in Westfall so if you're actually playing and wish to keep it a secret, you might want to move on to the next post. It's all right, I don't mind.)

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And that's how I spent my Saturday morning.