November 29th, 2004


Insert your favorite Vegas reference here

Captain Found The Shell has struck again and this time he's in sunny and windy Las Vegas, the City That Never Sleeps But Sometimes Takes A Mid-Afternoon Nap Just So They Can Catch The 10:30 Show. I'm typing this on a nutty wireless keyboard that's apparently zapping my hotel TV. It promised me Internet access (and even welcomed me to "THE INTERNET") but I had to fight its proprietary browser getup which seemed to believe all I wanted to do on THE INTERNET was order room service. Eventually Mr Proprietary acquiesced and gave up Regular Ol' IE (and aren't pop-ups fun when viewed in 800x600 on a TV screen?) so from there on it's been smooth sailing, even if I've had to continually resize and scroll around windows to see all the important text an' tuff. (Friends list browsing was particularly tough.)

,,,and a friendly hello to anyone who's currently monitoring my Internet usage. ciao!

So with that in mind, what have we learned so far?

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It is late and I am tired and I think I am about to run out of Internet, so I shall share some more of my lessons later. Goodnight, moon.