October 22nd, 2004

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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Today's Very Special Prize goes to the Boston Herald for displaying, right on its front page, a picture of the Emerson college student who was killed by Boston cops during the post-playoff riots in Kenmore Square. The picture they ran was of the young woman right at the scene, right where she lay, struck down in a pool of blood. I'm sure you agree this is a picture we all needed to see with our morning coffee -- especially the family of the girl, who must be going through so much shit right now I can't even imagine. It's refreshing to see the Herald, which desperately needs a derogatory nickname, pretend to be the arbiter of good taste and moral superiority in the city of Boston when they pull lovely stunts like this.

They're already running angry responses to the picture on their website, which just makes me cynically believe this was a calculated attempt to grab eyes. Which, of course, just makes the whole thing even more fucking disgusting.

I really hate the Herald, so much that I won't even read it if I find a copy laying around on the T. I just don't need the aggravation from the self-righteous blowhards what write for it. This is just the clincher, really.


And just in case you can't get enough pretentious pomo bastard writing about cult films, here's a fine piece on Donnie Darko from the editor of eBert's new site that theorizes -- no, wait, he doesn't theorize, he explains with only a wink-wink "What if...?" -- that it's all because Donnie's sexually attracted to his sister and also Gretchen is a figment of his imagination because he can't realize his feelings towards his sister and his sister's really hot and played by Maggie Gyllenhaal which is also the real-life sister of the actor who played Donnie Darko and golly but I feel so very strange in my naughty place every time I think about this tee hee. He also uses a lot of cool three-dollar phrases like "hippocampus" and "polymorphously perverse" in order to make it sound interesting.

Hey buddy, there's a time and place for all this and that place is called fanfic. Go write your own stories in that universe and have 'em at least make out or something. Might get rid of some of that theatrical tension you seem to have. And also, dude, if you're responsible for the bloated abortion you call a site redesign for eBert, you deserve every ounce of derision you get.