April 6th, 2004

Howard Beale

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SO WHAT DOES FOX DO when it finds the new hour-long drama it shoved into a Friday night slot of obscurity turns out to be a creative, unique, witty show that not only gets great reviews from critics but also gets people who hate TV to tune in and watch?

They shove it into the Thursday timeslot against CSI, the number one show in America.

And what happens the week after?

They cancel it. And replace it with a reality show involving "ugly women" who are given makeovers and forced to compete in a beauty pageant.


Wonderfalls, you deserved so much better. Whatever happened to letting a show run out its 13 ordered episodes and not canning it after fucking FOUR?!
Tom Lehrer is Smug

keeping up appearances

  1. Watching an arrest from the crowd.
  2. Walking past a tennis court.
  3. Reading a book in the subway, pestered by a small boy.
  4. Walking past the house where the murder took place.
  5. Tossing some litter near a theater.
  6. Holding a camera outside the courthouse.
  7. Smoking a cigarette in Victoria station.
  8. Walking past a phone booth.
  9. Reading a newspaper.
  10. Walking by outside.
  11. Mailing a letter.
  12. Standing in front of a drugstore.
  13. Playing cards on the train to Santa Rosa.
  14. Appearing in a newspaper ad.
  15. Emerging from an elevator, carrying a violin case.
  16. Drinking champagne at a swank party.
  17. Leaving the train at Cumberland Station. Carrying a cello.
  18. Appearing, in profile, on a neon sign.
  19. Watching a parade in the town square.
  20. Looking at a maid in disguise.
  21. Boarding a train with a double bass.
  22. Crossing the top of a staircase.
  23. Appearing in a class reunion photo.
  24. Winding the clock in the songwriter's apartment.
  25. Sitting on a bus.
  26. Walking past a parked limousine.
  27. Watching acrobats in the Moroccan marketplace.
  28. Narrating the prologue.
  29. Walking by the shipyard.
  30. Missing a bus.
  31. Wearing a cowboy hat.
  32. Leaving a pet shop with two white terriers.
  33. Walking down a hotel corridor.
  34. Sitting in a hotel lobby, holding a baby.
  35. Riding a wheelchair in the airport (getting up and walking away afterwards)
  36. Refusing to applaud the speaker.
  37. Appearing in silhouette through the door of the Registrar of Births and Deaths.