March 6th, 2004

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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(EDIT: Whoops, didn't mean to disable comments there. I don't blame the margaritas there, I blame the sangria.)

Opening night was great. Everybody was up, energy was high, the audience was receptive, and the ripples of laughs heard throughout were inspiring and invigorating. Once the laughs started, they did not stop. It was wonderful to just listen to a few giggles turn into a set of laughs from one side of the room to a large variety of people (now the men, adding a bass rumble to the laughs) to full-blown applause when a particularly good punchline was hit. Ros. and Guil. got unexpected applause for pieces you didn't expect. But that was good, because they were brilliant. As were we all.

To celebrate (ugh, horrible segue, Mr. Noyes, pls rewrite and have on my desk by tomorrow) I'm listening to television themes. Collapse )