March 2nd, 2004

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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Marge Schott is dead at 75. I wonder now if they'll rub her hair on Reds players for good luck.

Ok, that was a bit mean. But she deserves it. While she may have run a good team, keeping concession and ticket prices among the lowest in the major leagues, she was also batshit insane. And yes, she did rub dog hair from the deceased Schotzie, de facto Reds mascot, on her "million-dollar niggers" (as she once called Dave Parker and Eric Davis) for good luck. The Tact Train never made it to Margie's stop, that's for sure.

(Back when Billy West was on Howard Stern, he could slay an entire show segment just by breaking into Marge Schott's voice and hollering for a few minutes. Where's Billy now when we need him?)