January 6th, 2004

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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Hey, were you the one from the 617 area code who called me this evening around 5:30 or so? You got my voicemail but then put your phone in your pocket. I heard some nice muffled conversation but nothing else.

Thanks for the minute and a half of fun, though!
Tom Lehrer is Smug


Ok, so I'll be in Seattle from this Saturday the 10th to Wednesday the 13th. That's a nice chunk of time. And on Sunday I thought it'd be cool to go to dinner with anybody who wanted to show up.

Well, let's do that. I talked it over with Heather and Greg and other folks and so on Sunday the 11th we're gonna meet at Chang's on Broadway at 7:30. I was told to make sure that everybody knows it's the one on Broadway. Broadway!

Let me know if you'd like to show up so I can give them a nice headcount and ensure there are enough seats for everybody.