December 12th, 2003

Tom Lehrer is Smug


tyopsqueene has trumped all us Biblical Mary Sues with this:

A PERSONALIZED BIBLE WITH YOUR NAME RIGHT THERE IN THE SCRIPTURES!! Makes a great gift! It's just like those old storybooks you used to get with your name and your friend's name and stuff printed right in.
4. And lo, did Jesus spake unto SPATCH, speaking, 5. "It is good to see you, SPATCH, 6. here in SOMERVILLE, 7. and forget ye not that I died for your sins 8. as well as those of your friend, 9. FIDHFIDH."

10. "Even my CAT, ABBIE?" SPATCH did ask, 11. and Jesus replied, saying, 12. "Even ABBIE." 13. Then the four of them departed from this place, 14. and thence went to play BASEBALL, 15. this being SPATCH's favorite game.