December 6th, 2003

Tom Lehrer is Smug

Uh oh.

What is it about a snowstorm that inspires complete and utter lethargy? Is it the soothing white-out? The pillowy silence? The realization that inside is much warmer and far more tempting than outside? Do two cats happily snoozing on your feet help or hurt the situation?

I say this in an act of complete contrition because Rachel was having birthday brunch today at 1, and I got up around 11 or so, looked out the window, saw that the cars on the street below had been turned into giant marshmallows, noticed there were no footprints outside anywhere besides my own from coming in last night, and even though there was no confirmation of such, realized nobody in their right mind would be going outside at this time. So I switched off the alarm and rolled back over in bed, disrupting one cat in the process, and said "Well maybe I'll get another hour's sleep and see if things are still going on."

Oh hello 3:00. One cat has draped itself over my ankle while the other cat contentedly snoozes in the crook of my knee. And I've missed John Harvards brunch thing.

So now I feel like a dork for missing the brunch. I am very sorry. I am sure it would have been lots of fun and beer would have been drunk and stuff. Yeah. And stuff.
Tom Lehrer is Smug


I will admit that one of the highlights of last night's karaoke brawl was the young man, easily only in his early 20s, who got up and sang Harry Chapin's "W.O.L.D." I was very impressed that he knew enough of Chapin to want to get up, drunkenly, in front of a crowd of strangers and sing it. I was like, "Brethren!" And he didn't do such a bad job of it, either.

Well, ok. It was one of the musical highlights of last night. There were other non-musical highlights. But this is a public entry.

ALSO OF NOTE: How come ELO lyrics are so inane when printed out, but somehow kick incredible amounts of ass when actually musically involved? Mr. Blue Sky, I'm looking at you. See also: Don't Bring Me Down

ALSO ALSO OF NOTE: The following was written by pogue23, a member of the Something Awful forums. He started a thread last night and god damn it's evil. I am including it behind the cut because it is inherently evil. Note that I will not be offering a link to said song since I don't have it hosted at the moment, but if I were to host it, I'd be even more evil because then I'd be an enabler.

That said, Collapse )