December 4th, 2003

Tom Lehrer is Smug

In my father's house there are many dictionaries

I never bothered to check off any demographic information in the preferences for the free ad bannered Opera browser, so it likes to guess and serve me banners at random. One week Opera thought I was German so it gave me all German banners. One week I got nothing but missing children ads, smiling faces from past portraits peeking out over the top of my browser -- a real tough juxtaposition when going through, say,'s archives.

Today, however, Opera has decided that I could use a little wisdom from the Good Book:

A few spelling lessons wouldn't hurt, either. (I know that 'strength', correctly spelled, does happen to appear just a few times in whatever English language version you wish to read.)

And part of me is hoping next it'll think I need to get another banner from an outfit like "Adult Friend Finder" or something. That would be humorous enough to warrant another LiveJournal entry, I bet.