December 3rd, 2003

Tom Lehrer is Smug

For the benefit of those still playing Diablo 2:

<Angstrom> you now speak to ormus
<Spatch> sup ormus
<Spatch> I'm not really gonna speak to you, I'm just gonna sell off this crud
          and go get some pots from the old dude, k
<Angstrom> in 30 years ormus' therapist is going to have a field day with his
           aversion to yard trash
<Spatch> you now speak to ormus' therapist.
<Spatch> though him being in therapy while continually talking about himself
          in the 3rd person would be a riot.
<Angstrom> you now hear about how ormus' father hit him
<Spatch> "why must ormus continue to feel this way? ormus just doesn't know,
          man. ormus sometimes thinks it'd be better if the world existed
          without ormus."
<Spatch> "That's not true, Ormus, think of all the adventurers who sell their
          castoff items to you. You know, the ones they can't equip or give to
          an alt."
<Spatch> "You think Ormus can afford to keep this venture up? Gold coins do
          not grow on trees, that much Ormus knows!"