October 21st, 2003

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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Sounds like a little deconstruction is going on with a house somewhere on one of these streets. I can't see it from any of my windows, but it sounds like there is a big metal dumpster in the road and they're just having loads of fun tossing big heavy junky objects into it. Boom. Tha-doom. Daboom.

Yes, you say, that is indeed an activity that's fun for all -- except, I say, for those of us who would prefer a nice midmorning nap. Add to this howling high winds, an interesting twitch in my right leg and two cats performing their best rendition of the Malachi Crunch on the bed to pin me in, and you can understand why I'd rather be sitting in front of a computer with eyes glued open.

Klunk. (Must've hit the rim.)