October 9th, 2003

Tom Lehrer is Smug

nota bene

Due to overexposure, misuse, or just because, the following "wacky" picture concepts are no longer wacky and, therefore, no longer funny:
  • Passed-out college students with "FAG" written on their faces (or similar embellishments)
  • Any variant on the Mastercard "Priceless" routine
  • Any business sign with the word "Beaver", "Dick's" or "Johnson's"
    Additionally, any Thai place with the word "Phuket" in it
  • The ol' penis-in-a-hotdog-bun trick
  • Signs with letters rearranged to spell dirty words
  • Road signs for "Exit 69", "Exit 420" or "Gay Street"
  • The Blue Screen of Death displayed in a public place
  • Any automobile mishap blamed on those women drivers, especially when no woman is shown in the picture for corroboration
  • Those clown planters with cactus erections
  • Beer bottles and cigarettes strategically placed around sleeping housepets
Additionally, any attempt to annotate your findings with obvious hints such as big ovals around the only classified ad shown in its entirety, arrows pointing at the center of the picture, or "LOOK AT HIS RIGHT HAND!" written in MS Comic Sans will automatically render your findings decided un-wacky as well.

A friendly message from the Department of Net.Forward Humor and the Ad Council.