October 8th, 2003

Tom Lehrer is Smug

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You need to make new episodes every other day.  You’ve got a lot of
viewers out there now; so stop jerking around and get busy.  Your mother
and I broke our backs forty long years for you, don’t you fuck this
From: spatula@spatch.net To: chris somebody Subject: Re: more cat town please > Your mother and I broke our backs forty long years for you, don’t > you fuck this up. You're not my real dad. -R.

Tom Lehrer is Smug

The coasters of Quabbin Lake Park

So I've been playing too much with NoLimits, everybody's favorite coaster simulator. Since the latest version has made wooden coasters a snap, I've been having fun designing twisters and making up histories and stories to go with them. One needs a name. Behind the cuts are capsule descriptions and lots of neat pictures. And some HTML too for fun. This is all going to be part of the new spatchCoaster! site which I'll be finishing up one of these days.

The first two coasters are part of Quabbin Lake Park, a trolley park in beautiful central Massachusetts. The amusement park, known as "the park" to locals and "QLP" to acronym-loving enthusiasts, is on the shores of beautiful Quabbin Lake in Greenwich and is one of the oldest amusement parks in America. Originally a picnic grove at the end of the Prescott-Greenwich trolley line, the park thrived on the trolley riders and steadily grew in size, rivalling White City in Worcester and Mountain Park in Holyoke and even weathering a disastrous flood in the 1930s only to succumb to fiscal depression in the late 1970s. Closing in 1978, the park lay dormant for four years until it was bought by a private trust and re-opened with a capital infusion and fresh new owners. "Western Town", the park's hand at Disney-style theming, opened in 1986 as a half-expansion, half-renovation, and showcased the two-year restoration project of the Gold Rush twister. The Greyhound, a sleek out-and-back coaster, opened in 1997 and is the centerpiece for the yearly Hound-O-Ween enthusiast event in October. The park is also known for its fearsome 1957 Hurricane coaster, which at the time broke the record for the tallest and fastest roller coaster in America.

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