August 1st, 2003

Tom Lehrer is Smug

now wait just a minute

I let the cats lick the turkey gravy off my dinner plate tonight. They were very happy. As I watched 'em go at the plate like a hungry cat going after a delicious spot of turkey gravy, I said, quite jovially, "Now don't that just tickle your tallywhacker?"

I think I was channelling my dad. He used to say that to Amanda the dog when he gave her a treat, way back when I was but a wee sprat. It's one of those odd expressions that resonate in the back of your head, and all you really remember of the phrase is the phonetic sound of the words and the cadence but not the context or the real meaning.

Tonight I realized the real meaning. It took me a few seconds to mentally shake myself out of it, but I remembered exactly what a tallywhacker was.


I don't remember him saying it to Maggie the dog ten years later, though.
Tom Lehrer is Smug

(no subject)

"Who got into the bathroom closet again?"
"Why is the trash can knocked over?"
"Where's that smell coming from?"
"What was that crash?"
"How the hell did the toilet paper get all the way over here?"

People who think their house is haunted by telekinetic spirits, I believe, actually just have cats living with them and they just don't know it.
Tom Lehrer is Smug

Let's All Be Fucking Vague

The other night when I was drifting off into that first stage of sleep, where your mind tends to drift and wander, and I started thinking about some movie I'd seen that had a certain scene in it. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around the name of the film nor the plot, but I knew I had seen it at least twice.

It starred (some actor) and (some actress) and they were doing (something). What stuck out in my addled brain the most at that time was (the scene when something happened.)

And for once the "gotta know NOW!" neurosis didn't show up and force me out of bed and back over to the computer; instead I just sleepily mumble-thought "Oh well, I'll just look it up tomorrow." Only when I remembered to look it up later (being now), the only details I could remember were the details I've shared in the paragraph above.

Oooh, that's goddamn frustrating. I'd wanted to look it up because I wanted to watch it again.