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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Over the course of this weekend I was reminded of one holiday Bloom County punchline panel. Opus wearing his Galactic Commander space helmet. Which had been given to him by "Mom." And he says "I got the best friends in all of explored space!"

I know what he means. I really do. Cos I do, too. Thank you.

And now for no apparent reason I give you the best MST3K skit that they ever did. When the movie (Monster A-Go-Go) was so bad, they couldn't bring themselves to actually write any film-related skits. So we got this.


(CROW is working on a ship in a bottle, happily humming to himself, when GYPSY enters)

CROW: Hum-diddy-hee-hee. Hoowah, hoowah...


CROW: Hi. Hum-diddy-hee-hee...

GYPSY: Um, ah, um... (GYPSY leaves, then returns quickly) ...Crow?

CROW: Yes?

GYPSY: I don't get you.


GYPSY: Are you mad?

CROW: No! No.

GYPSY: Good. Because I want to like you, but I just don't understand where you're coming from.

CROW: Sure. Uh, what's not to get, Gypsy? I just am. I hang out.

GYPSY: Oh, I know. It's just that, well, you know, I don't really get you.

CROW: Well, okay. Maybe I can help. To start with, uh, I'm a robot, I use cyber-based bubble memory, is that what's confusing you?

GYPSY: Uh. No.

CROW: Is it that I work off Unix and can use a variety of operating systems?

GYPSY: Uh, I guess that's a start.

CROW: Well, I've undergone a complex personal evolution wherein painful confusion has given way to what I like to think of as some degree of wisdom culminating in my current Zarathustrian sense of self, is that it?

GYPSY: No -- if it helps you, it's good, but --

CROW: Gypsy, I don't know what -- is it that if I often panic while making sandwiches?

GYPSY: Yeah! Well, maybe it's that kind of thing...

CROW: Is it that I smell conspiracy in everything and I don't know what I mean most of the time?

GYPSY: Uh, that's perhaps a small piece of the puzzle, but...

CROW: Gypsy -- is it an odor?!

GYPSY: No. Well -- no. Maybe it's Tom I don't get!

CROW: Oh, brother, like a Zippo lighter without any flint! I can't believe it... (Exit CROW, enter TOM)

TOM SERVO: Hum-diddy-hee-hee... (notices CROW'S SHIP) Ugh!



GYPSY: I don't get you.

TOM SERVO: Nobody does! I'm the wind, baby! (exits) Hum-diddy-hee-hee...

(cut to commercial)

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