It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

One of the problems of insomnia is that your body says "I'm exhausted, it's time to sleep" while your brain says "I'm sorry but I just can't quite do it right now." There's always something happening on the edge of periphery to annoy, confound, worry or startle you. A paper just rustled. Some car outside was loud. The wind knocked over an empty soda can. The sun came out and shone through the window on my arm and now it's warm. I'm itching. The cat's scratching litter in the catbox. I can't move my leg to a comfortable position. I'm still itching. It's too hot with the blanket and it's too breezy without the blanket. The plastic tarp outside is blowing in the wind. The Street Cleaning guys are coming down the street with their loudspeaker. My hair's bothering me. Why the hell am I still itching? The cat just jumped off the bed. I think something just ran across my foot. I really got to get to sleep. It's way too humid. There's a high-pitched buzzing sound coming from somewhere. Seriously, for the love of god, why does my ear itch so damn much?!

Got things to do this afternoon before stores close and all the good street parking is reclaimed. I'm half tempted to just do my stuff in an hour or two, clean the litterbox, make some food, mail a check, relish the floaty lucid feeling one gets from sleep deprivation, then knock back a healthy mouthful of NyQuil and pretend Wednesday never happened.

PS: good luck lynz0r

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