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Afternoon Question Cavalcade

Ok, here's another round. Boy oh boy is there a queue!

hyperina: This may sound cliche but there was a wonderful sunset a few nights ago I watched from my third-floor deck. It was one of those sunsets that turns the entire world pink for a while, and the sun underlit the clouds in a very dramatic sort of way, plus the view from the deck gives the biggest sky view I've seen in Somerville. It was just very very enjoyable to watch.
annilita: It's the dopey janitor Stanley Spadowski, as played by Michael Richards, from Weird Al Yankovic's movie UHF.
antiquated_tory: I think it has to be Droopy. There's just something about a low-key, deadpan dog who exists in an insane Tex Avery maelstrom, surrounded by wolves and Irish bulldogs named Spike and red-hot redheads and extremely exaggerated facial takes. "Y'know what..." Yeah, I think it's Droopy.
betweenstations: Fresh mozzarella. One basil leaf lightly placed on top and a tomato sitting nearby to just whisper "hey... tomato" at it. Yeah. That's the stuff.
androidqueen: No, but I would have! Damn. I do want to go see Frank Ferrante's "Groucho" review which plays next week at the Majestic. Anybody know where I can get cheap tickets?
karyn: With a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a hefty supply of antacid.
hemlock_martini: As of 12/03, 177. I don't think I rode any new ones this year, which is a bit of a shame but that's how the world works sometimes.
mykwud: WHATEVER!
aussie_nyc: I know I used a variant on this in a previous melancholy post, but yes: Next year, in Pittsfield. How about Keyspan Park too?
cheezdanish: Over easy. Or scrambled. Or Benedict. Bismarck.
lexinatrix: Wooden, with as much airtime as possible. A nice Intamin hypercoaster made of steel will do, too.
oakenguy: I've already played it; Teddy in Arsenic & Old Lace. I'd do it again, too, in a heartbeat. Failing that, I could brush up my Marx and be one of the brothers in a stage revival of Animal Crackers or Cocoanuts. I'm not picky.
captain_slinky: I'm trying to do this without consulting IMDB, but -- wasn't it one of the Coreys?
lordfeepness: Like Prince trying to tell Vanity a secret while Morris Day listens in.
grumqa: I've always been partial to Williams tables. Some of my all-time favorites are Williams tables, so, uh, Williams.

Wow. This project is more complicated than I thought! More soon.

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