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Ok, time for a round of answers. As in the aussie_nyc tradition, I'll just give the answers. If I am unable to answer a question or come up with a suitably snappy answer (Al Jaffee's not returning my IMs) I shall just cut and paste a snippet from Wikipedia's "random page" function.

arielblue: Because Nature is a Democrat.
clickie: Actually, after a C&D from Mr. Lawyer and Ms. Attorney, I am no longer able to use the Mr. Clever name. Mr. Clever actually lives in Schenectady, New York, and runs an advertising agency.
ericrapp: Dmitri Mendeleev's first periodic table in 1869 helped cement the view, prevalent throughout the 19th century, that matter was made of atoms.
sandrylene: You mean that bean curd that's gained sentience? First talk to it and ask what it wants. If the demands are unreasonable, then say "This administration does not negotiate with bean curd!" and set it outside. Hopefully the bean curd fairy will come and take it away, or perhaps a raccoon. Raccoons have their own brand of negotiating and you won't have to worry about it anymore.

Woo! I'm spent, albeit temporarily. More later!

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