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October 13th, 2004

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01:10 am - Yeah, we still play City of Heroes
Sometimes this game just gives beautiful sights.

Lux Amperes moonshot
Click for a zoomed-out version

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Date:October 13th, 2004 03:14 pm (UTC)
I've been playing, off and on, since shortly after the launch in May. I took two months or so off in the summer but they've recently released "Issue 2", a patch that fixed several of the issues that I had with the gameplay and also added a buncha new fun content. They really seem keen on making sure there's things to do in between level grinds (which, really, have been few and far between.)

I suffer from alt-itis, though, which means I have more fun creating heroes than actually playing all the way to level 40 or 50 or whatever. The character in the screenshot is actually the character who's gone the furthest; gonna hit level 20 tonight and after that we can go on a quest and get a cape.

The game's real strengths are the great comic book setting and the character generation. The mission system is also pretty nifty and I enjoy being able to solo, as unfortunately, like many MMORPGs, the majority of "pubbies" are morons I want nothing to do with. I'd join a supergroup if I wanted to group with smart people, but I'd still rather just solo my missions and then hang around and chat.

Connectivity is still an issue, though, and I'm not sure how much longer we can ascribe that to "MMORPG growing pains." Busy nights, especially weekends, overload the servers to the point of frequent and random disconnects. Sometimes the disconnects keep you in-game, just frozen on the map. These are the most common but also the most dangerous, especially if it happens in the middle of a fight. The other disconnect takes you out of the game entirely, which is very annoying as it resets the indoor mission you were on (if, indeed, you were on one when you got disconnected.)

Death/knockouts are handled nicely, with no experience loss. Instead you get into "experience debt" of some arbitrary amount and, in subsequent fights, half the exp you earn goes towards paying off that debt. Once gone, you gain all the experience as usual. It's a nice way to provide a penalty for death but not impede your progress entirely. You can't lose levels or powers, at least, not against your will. Higher-level characters can "sidekick" a lower-level, bringing the lower one almost up to the level of the, er, sidekicker. Conversely, a higher-level character can also bring himself down to the level of the lower one (this is one of the newer developments) so that he can help his buddy do a mission with a level requirement. It's a nice way for friends and supergroups to be able to play with each other even if one outlevels the other.

It's a nicely-crafted game with a fun premise and a very involving backstory (and even the actual paper comic book you get with your subscription has improved with the last issue) and just a good way to blow off steam for a few hours, or a whole day. Not that I've had a whole day for MMORPG pursuits in a long, long, long time. (Sup Tower of Veeshan and Plane of Fear, Mr. Frotz Nitfol misses y'all.)
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Date:October 13th, 2004 03:46 pm (UTC)
Let's see... on Victory, my main is still Lunch Lady, though I've realized she really needs a re-roll. And at 15, it won't be that painful. I also still play Dr. Plutonium on Victory though as a rad/rad defender, soloing is really really really slow. The Barista is also on Victory but I think still at level 7. Altitis to the extreme, I tell you.

Lux Amperes, the 19 elec/elec blaster, is on Virtue, as is ABbie the NINJA, who is a katana/regen scrapper. He actually got recognized the other day on Virtue which was weird. So naturally he had to complain that his sister was bugging him and how he was a ninja. I think he comes off as a hyperactive 10-year-old in gamechat, which is sad because, really, he blends right in. I also have a super strength/invuln tanker named Coney Island Cy, a boxer with a robot arm and mutton chops.

That's all the major ones, I think, besides the Cat Town characters I realized I never could do anything fun with considering I can only play, oh, ONE AT A TIME.
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Date:October 13th, 2004 04:29 pm (UTC)
A friend of mine has CoH, so whenever I hang out with him I play a little. I've got a rifle/gadgets blaster on Virtue who's quite fun to play. He's named, of course, (Citizen Soldier) Volkov.
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Date:October 18th, 2004 04:29 pm (UTC)
I recently got sucked into playing this, and I'm with you: it's fun, but half of the fun is making characters. Like Belladonna Nightshade, the goth magic blaster who was cursed by Hecate for using a smilie in her LiveJournal. She must wander the world inflicting her angst on evildoers until Hecate uncurses her.

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