It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

pits and bieces - is it all for the moment we live?

First off, the Einstein Baby ads all over Porter are alternately "kinda cute" and "really freakin creepy." Plus they're all over the goddamn platform so you can't not look at them. Gooooood morning.

And for the third morning in a row, the Orange Line escalator at Downtown Crossing was bustificated. Glad to see my extra 25 cents a ride is really paying off in performance improvements system-wide! (Escalators, I've found, are usually fixed with some degree of dispatch. This one ain't, unless it's continually breaking down which I could see as well.)

Another ad on the T shows Jude Law is starring in a remake of Alfie. I'm not sure what I should think about this one. It's a little known fact that every now and then in a quiet moment I'll sing "What's it all about, Abbie?" to the cat as I scritch him behind the ears. He usually responds with that half-eyes-closed squint that means "I am a happy cat." It really doesn't answer the question outright, but when you think about it...

Speaking of the cat, he's been receiving more spam recently. I don't know what's up. Poor guy. He got invited to a CHATING [yeah, sic] HOUSEWIFE group last night, and I'm sure he wouldn't know what to do other than to mooch off the refreshments, curl up in a nice corner, and have a nap. But you know, that sounds really, really, really good right about now, and we've all been to parties where we've done that, right? Right?!

There's a demo for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 out now. My free time, what's left of it, is spared, as there's a bug in the demo that prevents it from being run by older AMD processors and, well, my poor 800MHz Athlon Thunderbird processor... well, yeah. It's old. Meets system minimum, but still old. It's okay, though -- NoLimits has updated to v1.5 and the thing looks very slick. Even if I still only design wooden coasters with it, I am appreciating the smoother editor and the customizable keys in the simulation.

We went to the store the other night. You'll see why that's so important soon. Maybe tonight, even. Maybe not. I can't wait.

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