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Why yes I'm rambling today

Robert Berry over at the excellent Retrocrush once wrote an article on a truly dangerous playground that keeps alternating between "cool" and "depressing." One of the highlights of the photo tour is the extra-large concrete slide on which you must use a flattened cardboard box so you don't, well, tear yourself up sliding down a goddamn concrete slide.

It reminds me of a sight I get to see twice every day -- a playground on Cross Street in Somerville which features what I believe to be the Most Depressing Piece of Playground Equipment ever. As pop art it may be considered something, but as something for a kid to play on, it's downright angst-inducing. It's a concrete easy chair.

Let's go over that again: It is an oversized easy chair. Made out of concrete. What kind of kid would want to climb around on a concrete freakin' easy chair? (Actually, the sad part is that I might've frequented the sad thing as a kid. Especially if it meant I wouldn't get bothered by other kids.)

Still. Who would have the idea to put that in a playground? It feels almost German in nature. WHich brings me to consider a Bauhaus playground. Utilitarian and functional -- but the function would be "HAVE FUN." Man, I want to see a design. It better include a concrete easy chair, dammit.

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