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Let's see. General update.

0000. (oh nos not in work filter oh nos) I took fifty-two calls today. Fif-tee-too. That's averaging one call every 8 minutes, though most of them came in one after the other between 11 and 1. The call system is doing this to me. It says "Oh look he is new and he is taking calls, let's shunt as many as we can his way." Given that there are three call centers across the United States and over 300 people working at a given time and I took at two callbacks that were in response to calls I initiated, I gotta wonder about them odds.

0001. Ok, I've wondered about the odds. The phone system can go screw itself. I forgot what it's like to be slammed one after the other, not even getting a chance to swig a goddamn bit of water as you go available.

0010. Hear that, phone system? Hope you're screwing yourself right now as I speak.

0011. Abbie is successfully resisting all efforts I am making to rename him Timmy Jingles. I say "Hey! Timmy Jingles!" and he refuses to turn to look. In retaliation, he pulled a copy of Transmet off a shelf with his cute widdo paw and then peed on it.

0100. BAD TIMMY JINGLES! BAD TIMMY. Though I must admit your choice of material is ironically amusing, should you ever decide to grow another head and chain-smoke.

0101. I had Delicious at Fusion Express tonight. That's spicy tofu pad thai but with three less syllables. While I enjoyed it, they played a great album that was nothing but bluegrass instrumental Eagles cover tunes. I got a kick out of it -- I mean, I love this place. I can eat delicious pad thai in a restaurant listening to a bluegrass version of Life In The Fast Lane. How can you not like life when this kind of thing can happen? Seriously. The waitress didn't know the album, but said the banjo sounded like Bela Fleck to her. I agreed, but I can't find a single ding-dang-doody thing online about it. Anybody know of this album?

0110. Even though the bluegrass version I heard tonight rocked, the Gipsy Kings' "Hotel California" (heard in The Big Lebowski and on the Unofficial Soundtrack -- thx gr0gx0rz) remains the definitive cover of that particular classic. Much love.

0111. Saw Coffee & Cigarettes on Tuesday at the Somerville Theatre. I love seeing movies there up in the balcony. I have been known to call ahead and see what film is playing in the main theater so I don't get sequestered in one of the side theaters (which are nice in their own right, but they don't have balconies.) Anyway, the Somerville's doing $4 matinees. I love the Somerville. I'll even buy $2 candy there to support them. Six bucks for a nice afternoon of fun. Anyway, I enjoyed C&C. It's not a movie for anybody who's fond of... uh, fond of things happening. It's more for those of us who enjoy eavesdropping on conversations. We get quite a few to listen to, and the conversations themselves are set up appropriately with one dominant voice leading the conversation and the other just responding. Nicely done. Some of the conversations are short and sweet bits, almost blackouts (Stephen Wright & Roberto Benigni) and others go on for a bit longer but reveal quite a bit of character in a more structured "sketch" setting (Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan.) Others are just inexplicable but equally amusing -- "Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil" featuring the White Stripes is pretty much the pinnacle of "oh okay." But the look of the film is beautiful and, since this is a film all about cigarettes and smoke, in black and white as it should be. I may have to get it when it comes out on collectible replayable film media.

1000. The only problem with Coffee & Cigarettes was that it really just begs to be enjoyed with, well, coffee. And cigarettes. I had to make do with Coca-Cola and Necco Wafers, which was enjoyable for me but probably not exactly true to the spirit of the film.

1001. But boy were them Necco Wafers tasty.

1010. Ok, I'm gonna stop this now.

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