It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...


               MISS TOGAR
          This is the Rockometer. 

                    COACH STEROID

                    MISS TOGAR
          It is used to measure comparative rock and roll intensity levels.
          Watch the mouse as I turn it on.


MISS TOGAR begins to increase the volume, sending the ROCK LEVEL up past "MUZAK", "PAT BOONE", 

COACH STEROID and MR. McGREE watch on in horror as the TEST MOUSE and the GLASS CAGE in which 
the mouse is confined begin to SHAKE.

MISS TOGAR smiles and turns the ROCK-O-METER up even louder, past "JETHRO TULL", "LED ZEPPELIN", 
"TED NUGENT", "ROLLING STONES", "THE WHO" and finally, at 300 on the ROCK-O-METER, "THE RAMONES".


               MISS TOGAR
            (smiling cruel and gleeful)
          Note the loss of hearing.

Another gem on DVD has been gratefully snatched up for my collection while I am still in the throes of Manic and thus inclined to drop $12 on a cool-ass flick.

Rock & Roll High School is like Midnight Madness but extremely cooler. With the Ramones. And it has PJ Soles who absolutely freakin' adorable. Also adorable is the actress playing Kate Rambeau, the smart one. She's got this proto Jet Girl thing going on and it's driving me crazy, man.

And on the "Holy shit, they really were in movies" tip, we have Clint Howard AND Dick Van Patten's son Vincent OH SWEET MERCIFUL JESUS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? SOMEBODY OUGHT TO HOSE YOU DOWN AFTER THIS, BOY HOWDY! Oh, and Paul Bartel, which of course is great, though every time he opens his mouth I immediately say "Won't you sit down, Mary Brown?" Mary Woronov represents the Factory too, and she's pretty much brass-balled and funny (Leonard Maltin, in an excruciatingly horrible ass-kiss of an interview, tells Roger Corman that Principal Togar is his favorite character. Corman replies with a completely nonsensical response about how great the film was. Easily the worst part of the DVD extras.) And I recognized The Real Don Steele from the trailer, too. That kicked ass.

Roger Corman, the executive producer and everybody's favorite schlocky film maven, is celebrated in the DVD. I still can't believe it's done without the slightest hint of irony. I like how Joey Ramone just decides to lip-sync when he wants to. I like the subtitles during the concert scene. Just in case you want to sing along or you just can't understand the words. You know. I like the schtick and the silly screenplay. I like when Riff gets high and imagines the Ramones are all around her place singing just for her. (Dee Dee's in the bathtub.) And I love the way the movie aaaaalmost just holds up over 20 years.

RIFF: "I want one hundred of your best Ramones tickets, please!"
TICKET GUY: "That'll be one thousand dollars!"

The cheery campy punk image is a hilarious one, and in its innocent simplicity -- devoid of nihilism, violence, extreme drug abuse or angsty wasted youth -- boils right down just to "kids just want to rock and roll! Yay!" It's kinda funny. But right now, it's just about the right kind of thing I wanna see.

(Plus Clint Howard gets to make out with an inflatable doll. Really, how can you go wrong?)

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