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farewEL (I swore I wouldn't make this joke)

The mornings are getting slightly better. Still I have no time for coffee rituals, but that's OK. It's never any fun to gulp down a piping-hot cup before you go out for a walk, even if it does wake the face up something fierce.

The PUT IN A GOOD WORD job has been accomplished, so thank you, responding people! I'll be working in good words real soon. I didn't realize that you could give LJ account time as an anonymous gift, so would the nice anonymous donor-person email me and let me know, if they indeed want to be known? That would be nice.

Anyway. Here's the meat of the matter. I had thought this was going to happen tomorrow, but apparently the MBTA lady I talked to on the phone said it wasn't so, so unless they're lying to the train lovin public so there won't be things like I want to plan, it won't be happening until later.

I had thought tomorrow would be the last day the Green Line would be using the North Station elevated tracks. They're due to close down and be torn down so that the new trestle connecting the underground North Station and the Science Park viaduct could be built (there'll be bus service to Lechmere instead. Until 2005.) Now I love the El tracks as they're the last remnants of a once-mighty elevated network around the Hub. The Orange Line's elevated section went under in the mid-80s, leaving that short span around the Boston Garden as it.

And I love that funky elevated North Station platform, even if it reeks of hobo urine and has crowded Chicago-like staircases.

So what I wanted to do was ride the last Green Line elevated train. I figure I wasn't around when it began, but I'm around when it's due to end, so I want to be there for it. Nothing angry or protesty, just a little celebration of the last ride. I remember reading on one of the New York transit webpages an account of a line closure in 1974 or 75, populated with long-time riders and friends alike, having one more fling on the ol' train. I can't find the webpage but I know what they wanted to convey there. I don't have nearly as grandiose plans as they do, but I'd like to share The End with as many folks as want to come.

Basically my idea is to hang out in Inman Square the night of the closure. Probably get some food at the Meat Faucet or drinks at Bukowski's, then head on over to Lechmere near closing time. We'll take the Green Line inbound to Haymarket, then switch over to the outbound platform and wait for the last train. (How will we know it's the last train? Ask the driver, of course.) Get on, ride the three stops back to Lechmere, flagrantly disregard the "no photography on the T" rule and then we'll have said our goodbye to the Elevated. Maybe there will be a harmonica or banjo (there was a banjo on that 1970s NYC page I read!) It's just a way to say goodbye to something some of us transit people had taken for granted lo these many years.

So who's in? All we need now are concrete closure plans. The MBTA's already given the El two reprieves; it was supposed to have closed on Sunday and that got pushed to tomorrow; now the official word is that the closure has been "temporarily postponed but starting shortly." I wonder how much advance warning they'll give us. I'll keep constant updates, though.

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