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It all started when the Something Awful forums goon known as The Dirtkeeper posted a thread explaining how he'd just gotten "punked by Harlan Ellison." Apparently Ellison, taking great umbrage over an article by The Dirtkeeper which called him a "trekkie", called up T.D. at home (home, mind you!) and threatened to "nail [his] fucking head to a goddamn coffee table."

Now that in and of itself is hilarious when you think about it, and The Dirtkeeper seemed to be taking it all in good humor. However, Lowtax decides that he, too, wants to be cussed out by Harlan, so he writes one of the funniest SA frontpage articles in recent memory, entitled LET'S ANNOY HARLAN ELLISON!

We can only hope Ellison rises to the occasion and delivers a blistering salvo of abuse, and we can only hope that Lowtax documents it thoroughly for the enjoyment of all. I'll keep you posted as to what develops.

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