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beautiful sunday

Sometimes you find just the day you needed. Today Jo picked me up and took me out to the DeCordova sculpture grounds/museum/whatever just west of Lincoln. It had been explained to me previously that the whole shebang was "out west", which meant a "long drive." The place was five miles west of Rt 128. But it's okay, I understand the urban Bostonian/Brooklinian's sense of scope and scale. See, it breaks down like this:

To a resident of Boston proper, Brookline, Allston/Brighton, JP or one of that ilk, Cambridge and Somerville are "the sticks."
To a Cambervillian (ooh, nice word) anything along Route 128 with the exception of Waltham is "the sticks."
To a Woburnianinainain, anything along Route 495 is "the sticks."
To all of the above, anything beyond 495 is Terra Incognita (Here There Be Dragons.)
Don't ask about Quincy.

At any rate, the day was beautiful. I had a wonderful picnic with Jo, Elizabeth, Jason, Jo's friend Brad, his daughter whose name I can't spell, and her friend Stephanie. There was roast chicken, crackers and cheese, strawberries and kiwi fruit, big tasty olives, potato salad, you get the picture. I don't even think we got to the watermelon. Then while the kids ran off to play around the spacious grounds, we grown-ups split a few bottles of wine and talked a lot. It was very casual, very friendly, and just a great way to spend an afternoon.

Jo and I had to stop at the candlepin bowling alley on Route 2 on the way back because we both simply had to use the bathroom. It was one of those "I'M BUSTING" moments where we couldn't even laugh anymore because the kidneys were complaining too much. After making use of the clean, friendly facilities (I realize I can only speak for the men's room side of things, but I am sure that Jo had no complaints over on her side) we investigated the game room and found some nice, if slightly beat-up and bustificated, pinball machines. Addams Family, ST:TNG and Twilight Zone all lined up in a row with dim playfield lights and credit dots galore. The TZ table had a ball in play but it was stuck and going through the ballcheck mode; I nudged the table carefully and found it lodged up in the Town Square section. Hey, what do you know, suddenly I've got a free game. Then I got a replay on a match, and more fun was had. Of course the entire left-hand side of the playfield didn't seem to want to work -- bumpers were broken, no Power in the upper playfield, and the holding switch on the ramp feeding to the Power was busted, too. But I still had fun batting the ball around and trying to explain to Jo what each mode meant.

She remarked what a great day it had been, especially since everything had been free (with the exception, I guess, of the food.) I concurred. It had been a lovely Sunday and just what I needed. Now, slightly sunned out and tired, I prepare to pass out for the next few hours with visions of pinball, caterpillars, chipmunk-grandmothers (long story) and homemade chocolate-chip-M&M cookies dancing through my head.


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