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Lots of CoH pictures behind the cut. Watch out little 56kers!

Here's a few of the Barista, as per the request of certains.

Lookin' snarky in Freedom Corps HQ! Of course, the camera adds a few bra sizes.

You wouldn't know it but she's running around in some sewer in these pics. Or could you tell? She's got that disgusted look on her face, hasn't she.

Tech Assault/Devices Blaster

Here's a cyborg cowboy with a robot shootin' arm! Of course he's got some backstory about bein' ambushed and left for dead and his arm amputated and this put on, but it's just fun to run around layin' down the caltrops.

Plus he has an excellent cowboy name, and a great grumpy look to him. Go git 'em, cowboy!

Natural Broadsword/Dark Armor Scrapper

Martha the Cat is a mighty pirate.

Backstory involves being a space pirate (privateer, actually, working under the flag of one galactic empire to make life miserable for another) and known as "the Cat" for her agility and grace in beating down those who oppose her, yadda yadda yadda. The broadsword skill is not used all that often by scrappers, who consider themselves the gimpiest gimped class of all the gimps (the CoH board whiners' term, not mine) but I've been having fun slicing up bad guys so far.


Martial arts nuns are the best.


Mr. Influence hit level 14 tonight and, in celebration, picked up the power to fly. Flight and "Super Leap" or whatever are travel powers, and you can't get 'em until you're level 14 and have picked up a lesser travel power beforehand. Frankly, I think it's well worth the wait and a very smart move on Cryptic's part to keep a player playing up until the mid-teens to get whichever z-axis-messing-with skill you want. Once you get Flight, or Fly, or whatever it's called, all missions and goals get put ON HOLD while you do nothing but fly around cities for a while (and with a Flight Speed enhancement, you just go nuts.) I thought I'd taken a bunch of screenshots of Mr. Influence flying around Atlas Park, hovering in front of the flag for a patriotic pose and also getting into trouble while flying up the Galaxy Girl statue's skirt, but this was the only one that got saved to disk for some reason. I don't know who this hero's statue is, but I like to call her "Breakfast In America."

Hmm. Supertramp. Might be worthy of a character slot as long as I don't go the "slut" route. Battlecry could be "Goodbye, stranger! It's been nice!"




My guy is Spearmant, on the right. On the left is WOLVERINE32, aka CAPTAIN COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT MANS. The conversation went something like this:
Spearmant: Lemme guess. You're the best at what you do, right?
WOLVERINE32: whatever lmao
Spearmant: So what happened to the other 31 Wolverines?
WOLVERINE32: they stole my name
WOLVERINE32: i'm the realwolverine
Spearmant: Oh, sure. You should all get together and fight. Winner gets to keep the name.
WOLVERINE32: theres no pvp noob
Spearmant: No, no, not 'noob'.  'Bub.'  If you're going to rip off Wolverine, you might as well go whole hog with it.
Spearmant: You really got Logan's wit down, I'll say that much for you. 
WOLVERINE32: u better pray i never see u again
WOLVERINE32: ill ks u hard
WOLVERINE32: ur mobs will be mine

(NOTE: we never saw WOLVERINE32 again. lmao indeed.)

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