It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

and on a sad note

The "M&M Enterprises" community on Orkut seems to no longer exist.

Oh well. It was one of the most clever gimmick communities I had the pleasure of reading a month or so ago: Milo Minderbinder and Yossarian were heavily involved in a discussion on how to make a profit buying eggs in Malta for seven cents apiece and selling them on Pianosa for five cents, and the Syndicate was a hot topic ("everybody gets a share") and Hungry Joe would periodically show up, screaming, in whatever thread was active at the time.

You could tell it was a group of friends indulging in some nice back-and-forth character roleplay and the doublespeak dialogue was spot-on and damn hilarious to read. It played out like an intelligent Orkut version of the Conversatron, really. And now that I'm re-reading Catch-22 for the first time in I don't know how long, I really wanted to go back to the community and pick up on what I'd missed when I first saw it.

Only now it's gone.

So it goes.

Wait, wrong author.

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