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July 30th, 2003

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11:02 am - Isn't this just adorable.

The picture's caption, in case reading jpeg artifacts ain't your bag, is this:
View across Connecticut River to Sunderland as seen from Sugarloaf Mountain

And, heartwarmingly enough, the view really hasn't changed much in nearly 50 years -- with the exception of the sewage treatment plant to the right of the bridge span, of course. Luckily good photographers inch it out of the shot whenever they can.

Addendum 1: Though what's this "Sugarloaf Mountain" nonsense? As every Pioneer Valley resident knows, all mountains are named Mount something-or-other. Even Skinner Mountain, suffering from the shame of not fitting in, broke down and became Mount Holyoke.

Addendum 2: Yes, Colorado, I know these aren't really mountains, they're foothills or somesuch nonsense and yes your bazillion-foot peaks are impressive and mountainy indeed. You can go outside and play now.

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