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May 26th, 2004

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11:35 pm - ? DID YOU KNOW ?
It is nearly impossible to find a Polyphonic Spree review that doesn't include a "Kool-Aid" or "waiting for the comet" joke!

I mean, sure, they're a large musical group who perform in flowy white robes with weird MansonPartridge Family smiles and sing songs with insanely catchy tunes and easily repeatable mantras about following the sun, greeting the sun, reaching for the sun, hey look it's the sun, you get the picture. But are two mass suicides the be-all and end-all of references to creepy cults?

Come on, someone make a joke about Tim DeLaughter passing out copies of the group's first CD at the airport. Make a joke the fact that you definitely need a deprogrammer after listening to it all the way through. Say that... uh, um, yeah. Make up another joke. Go ahead, you can.

But even though the whole thing's one big brilliant joke (at least, we all hope it's one big brilliant joke) that's no reason for you, Mr. Pretentious Reviewer Mans, to say "HUR HUR HUR HOPE THEY DON'T SELL KOOLAID AT THEIR CONCERTS" like everybody else has already.

Yours in underpants,

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Date:May 26th, 2004 09:42 pm (UTC)
you post this and just today i said to a friend of mine, "i don't care what lame ass things anyone has to say about them, polyphonic spree's 'light and day' is an amazing song."
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Date:May 26th, 2004 09:50 pm (UTC)
I can't stop listening to it!
Date:May 26th, 2004 09:51 pm (UTC)
Thankfully I havent come across any 'humorous' reviews, and can enjoy the music for what it is - just plain fun and well crafted.

Oh no, does that make me a mindless cultmonkey?

Stupid reviews.
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Date:May 26th, 2004 09:56 pm (UTC)
It's brilliant stuff and just so goddamn bombastic! The image they portray is nicely enigmatic, but I'm just sick of the cult jokes.
Date:May 26th, 2004 10:01 pm (UTC)
I know - just because a band decides to dress alike, does that make them a cult?

Lets just hope that the reviews dont see The Beatles.
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Date:May 26th, 2004 10:11 pm (UTC)
Well, the cult overtones have all been carefully put in place and they're all well-crafted, too -- the flowing robes, the smiles, the charismatic leader with chest hair, the catchy tunes, the mantras, the "bliss" aesthetic. It's absolutely brilliant. Whether you like it or are creeped out by it, the dimension it adds to the group is invaluable.

But do they take it all seriously? That's the question.
Date:May 26th, 2004 10:21 pm (UTC)
I think they take the message seriously, which we all should. Be happy, have fun, dont fuck with people, smile on occasion, etc, etc.

And, in the end, isnt that what we all want from life?
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Date:May 27th, 2004 07:00 am (UTC)
I caught the video for Light and Day on closed-circuit Target TV and HAD to have the album. It's truly an amazing piece of work, although A Long Day seems just that... Long.
Date:May 27th, 2004 07:02 am (UTC)
Well, the Village Voice reviewer was too busy going for the jugular to make cult jokes, if I remember correctly.

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