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It is nearly impossible to find a Polyphonic Spree review that doesn't include a "Kool-Aid" or "waiting for the comet" joke!

I mean, sure, they're a large musical group who perform in flowy white robes with weird MansonPartridge Family smiles and sing songs with insanely catchy tunes and easily repeatable mantras about following the sun, greeting the sun, reaching for the sun, hey look it's the sun, you get the picture. But are two mass suicides the be-all and end-all of references to creepy cults?

Come on, someone make a joke about Tim DeLaughter passing out copies of the group's first CD at the airport. Make a joke the fact that you definitely need a deprogrammer after listening to it all the way through. Say that... uh, um, yeah. Make up another joke. Go ahead, you can.

But even though the whole thing's one big brilliant joke (at least, we all hope it's one big brilliant joke) that's no reason for you, Mr. Pretentious Reviewer Mans, to say "HUR HUR HUR HOPE THEY DON'T SELL KOOLAID AT THEIR CONCERTS" like everybody else has already.

Yours in underpants,

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