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Hi, gang! Sgt. Peppermint here. Did you know that you can accurately gauge the moral climate of a civilization by its quality of oral hygiene? Well, it's true, and all too sadly these days we find our cities overrun with crime, lawlessness, and gingivitis. That's why I've formed the Breath Brigade, an elite fighting squad made up of some very fine, very upstanding, and very superpowered heroes. Together we stop crime in our own unique, minty-fresh fashion. I hurl minty iceballs at villians, and I aim for the mouth. You better believe it!

Listerina is our fluids expert. A mutant since birth, she has the ability to create entire rivers out of thin air (I think she's able to create hydrogen at will or something) and has honed her skill so the rivers kill plaque and the germs that cause gingivitis. Crime is a bacteria that infests our cities, and Listerina aims to rinse them clean!

This lil' feller here is The Altoid, a robot I built out of spare dentist's equipment and refrigeration units. As you may very well have guessed, he's curiously strong. He can rip up entire chunks of concrete, that's how strong he is. I've also given him the ability to deep-freeze himself in blocks of ice so he can take damage well. Of course he doesn't mind! He's a robot!

Already we've left a minty legacy for the people of Paragon City, and they love us for it. And we're setting our sights on the big name criminals now, so watch out, Garlic Head! Take a hike, Chronic Halitosis! You're going down, Gingivitis! Sgt. Peppermint and the Breath Brigade are on the job!

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City of Heroes and Sgt. Peppermint.

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